A Dog’s Thoughts on Mental Health: A Collaboration of Best Friends


Did you know that good boys are good for your health? Specifically your mental health?

My good best friend Letters to my Brain provided me some great tips that I have always known deep down, but now can spread to even more best friends of the world.

By just being on standby, a good boy or girl do the following:

Make you go outside. Sunshine sunshine sunshine. Sunshine is SO good for Dad’s mood, and I’m not just talking about my internal glow. AND, outside = walks. A walk never hurt anyone.

Walks give you time to clear your head and to just take a moment to appreciate nature. Even better, if you walk with your dog there’s a multitude of things you can do with them to keep your mind off of your anxieties for a while: play fetch, go on an adventure, explore the woods! Experiencing all of these things with your best friend by your side is just what you need!

Relieve stress. Pet snuggles relieve stress. It’s a scientific fact. Not just a Schmidt tip. Even better than snuggles is petting and snuggling, because the rhythm of a good petting makes you focus on me and not on your stresses. That’s mood quality control.

Oh you guys, I can’t even tell how right our good boy Schmidt is about this point. Just the action of cuddling with a dog releases so much dopamine it’s unreal. You literally just get to hang out with your favorite pet and cuddle and pet them and you get almost instantly happy. It’s well worth the time spent to just hang out with your dog and destress.

Keep you from feeling lonely. Bad day? Schmidt is here. Best friends being mean? Schmidt is here. Have a lack of general motivation? Schmidt is here and you kinda have to take care of me because you are Dad the provider.

Look, I get it. I have depression and anxiety. My biggest fear is being alone. My dogs have been such a blessing because they are so in tune with all of your emotions and just seem to know when you need a cuddle session. You’re never alone with man’s best friend!

Love unconditionally. I provide best friends with life tips pretty regularly. However, this one is straight from the heart. Dad (Or insert other provider title here), you are the center of our world and it would take a lot to keep me from running up to you in a pure act of love. I don’t know what Dad does during the day when I must stay in the box, and it doesn’t matter because when he comes home we are the kings of our castle. The sun rises and sets on Dad, and I will always love Dad.

Love is the cure for the world, am I right? Dogs are known for loving their owners through each and every trial and tribulation. Mine teach me everyday what it means to truly expel love through every pore of my body. I know it’s hard each and every day for us all to see love let alone give it, but having a dog in your life can make that so much easier for you. Your dog is dependent on you in every way so knowing how to love them ultimately teaches you how to love everything around you.


Feel better already? Yeah, me too. READY….SET….Go pet your furry best friend!!


Schmidt Happens: Dinner time – let us pray (for my tummy)


Best friends. Let us pray.

God is great. Dad is good. Let us thank them for this food. Amen. 

Yes, God is great (literally THE GREAT). And yes, Dad is good. And YES, the food is good. BUT, sometimes the food is not so good for the Schmidter (if you catch my drift).

Friends, good boys eat their whole dinner in a timely manner. However, it appears that I was doing too good of a job finishing my dinner. By eating too fast, I was causing my stomach to revolt in the form of the vomit or the mushy poo poos. I poo poo five times a day, so I know about quality and quantity. Anything being expelled off-schedule from either end of a good boy is not a good thing. Not a good thing for said good boy and not a good thing for the Dad that has to clean it up. (*Pro-tip: do not try to clean up the vomit or the poo poo in an effort to appease Dad for your stomach’s transgressions. Your intentions will be appreciated but then your breath will smell…it is not appreciated and is grounds for being quarantined rather than snuggled)

With the purchase of a puzzle bowl, Dad has solved my eager appetite. The eagerness persists, but I must work much harder for the reward of sweet sweet kibble. It is a blessing and a curse.


The puzzle bowl fixed my suffocating stomach. But there was still something wrong each time I poo pooed. As Dad put it, brown garden snake instead of brown python.

But fear not! With the addition of an orange slurry to my dinner time routine, the Schmidter’s intentional track is back in order. PUMPKIN is apparently great for little pups like me to prevent diarrhea, constipation, and improve general quality of poo poo. To clarify, it is only effective in slurry, canned form. Harvesting of pumpkins from the front porches of neighbors will not meet the same end goal.

So, to review: God is great. Dad is good. Let us thank them for this food. Amen. 





Good Boys are Kind



Goodnight world


A good boy’s goodnight prayer:

God great. Dad is good. Let us thank them for this day. AMEN. 

Goodnight best friends.


Good luck pro-fetchers!


The World Series championship game is tonight, and I would like to do my civic best friend duty and offer my advice to the pro-fetchers on the field.

From observing my people’s observance of the television, I understand that the World Series is a tournament of fetch. The master of the ball (wearing one color) throws it at the other team, the master of the stick hits it (wearing a second color), and the pack of fetchers in the first color chase after it madly before the master of the stick can run a whole circle around the field. They take turns and the pack that can run the most circles is the champion of fetch.

Here are 7 tips for the 7 rounds of ball fetching these athletes will participate in:

  1. Run straight and fast, snacks can wait.
  2. As previously established, additional thrashing of the ball after it is acquired is not necessary. The ball is dead.
  3. Hydrate no matter the mess. Clothes will dry (ask my people, I give lots of sugars and they know the process)
  4. If you are fetchers, do not drop the ball upon retrieval, throw it to your matching teammate at the top of the circle. This is fetch war.
  5. If you are a runner, run faster so it will be your turn to fetch the ball sooner.
  6. Listen to your coach, they are the same as Dad.
  7. The opposite color team are temporarily enemies, but ultimately they are best friends and comrades in the art of fetch.

In other words, check out this good boy who is a pro-fetcher too! We should be best friends.





Schmidt Happens: Happy Halloween!

To the best friends of the world, happy Halloween! 150 points if you can guess what my people dressed me up as.

Accio treats and cookies!


SPOILER ALERT: Dart is NOT a good boy


Dearest Best Friends.

What I have for you today is a lesson in how NOT to be a good boy.

My people spent all weekend watching the television, and what I witnessed was not my normal letter and number lessons. What I witnessed was an insult to the name of “good boy”.

D’Artagnan the pollywog, referred to as Dart by Dad Dustin, is not a good boy. Below you will find a list of crimes committed by the accused:

Good boys do not dig through the trash. It is not congruent with a healthy diet.

Good boys do not flee from their people when they are trying to share with other people. If they are a friend of Dad they are a friend of you.

Good boys do not break out of their boxes. Boxes cost Dads money. Do not be a financial burden to Dads.

Good boys DO NOT EAT OTHER GOOD BOYS (regardless of variety of best friend).

Good boys do not let growing pains manifest as aggression TOWARDS DADS.

Good boys do not listen to other people over Dads, especially otherworldly shadow monsters Dads are good and almighty.

Above all else: Good boys do not lead packs of other not good boys in murderous rampages.


Be an example.

xx All my loyalty, Good Boy Schmidt.